Vegan Lidl Haul & Shopping List

When it comes to food shopping, I love a bargain. You'll find me doing my food shop either in Aldi, or raiding the shelves of Tesco (everyday value and own brand mainly, of course). I'm a firm believer in how packaging can influencer buyers, and it's true! You can pick up cheaper, own branded items … Continue reading Vegan Lidl Haul & Shopping List


Vegan Small Biz Review: HerbalLogical

I've been trying to make a habit of buying from small businesses when I can, and when I came across HerbalLogical on Instagram I just had to get my hands on some of their beautiful products! The HerbalLogical is run by Elisabete, who creates handmade products which are vegan, natural and non-GMO. From Luxury Lemon … Continue reading Vegan Small Biz Review: HerbalLogical