A Vegan’s Guide to Birmingham

When visiting an unfamiliar city as a vegan, the first thing you will probably be on the lookout for is a solid list of vegan options in the area. I mean, who wants to be walking around endlessly searching for vegan food? Not me. We all know a lot of popular chain restaurants and cafes … Continue reading A Vegan’s Guide to Birmingham


BNUTZ: Nut Butter Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try out one of my favourite foods ever - nut butters! How it all started Surrey based Bianca is the brainchild of 'BNUTZ'- a 'premium tier of nut butters which are free from: preservatives, refined sugar and palm oil.' (www.bnutz.co.uk). To tell you a little about her story, … Continue reading BNUTZ: Nut Butter Review

TOTM: One Year Later Review

It's been exactly one year since I ditched chemical-laden, plastic covered sanitary pads! One year ago I wrote a blog post about why I was making changes to my period products. Read all about it here if you haven't already to get some context- https://apathtovegan.wordpress.com/2018/01/31/making-some-changes-part-4-periods/  * My short-term verdict at the time was that I … Continue reading TOTM: One Year Later Review