I want to introduce you to Lizz, who runs the awesome blog ‘The Ethical Evolution‘, where she shares fabulous ethical living tips, vegan recipes, cruelty-free makeup alternatives and more!


The Ethical Evolution – My Favourite Post:

My fave blog post by Lizz is her ‘Top Vegan Perfumes‘ post, which I found really interesting and helpful for someone who is currently extending their veganism with all their purchasing habits (i.e. me!). Her photography is amazing and she’s seriously a great writer. I found this post really in-depth and it just shows you how many vegan perfumes there are out there! Definitely, give this a read if you’re looking into switching your perfumes to vegan alternatives.


Why you should be following her:

Aside from her amazingly clean blog layout and beautiful photography, Lizz is a great writer and all her posts are informative and straight to the point. Lizz is super supportive and friendly towards other bloggers (she even ran a Cruelty-Free Blogger Awards!) and is so helpful if you’re in need of advice about going cruelty-free. She really knows her stuff! If you’re on Instagram, check her out at @ethicalevolution for even more tips and amazing pics!


Look out for:


The Ethical Box which launches in March, is run by Lizz and is a series of themed boxes which you can purchase you help you become a more conscious consumer. All of the products inside the boxes are vegan and are a great way to kickstart your journey into living more ethically. Her first box, the ‘Get Started Box’, contains products such as a reusable coffee cup, steel straws, a tote bag and a bamboo toothbrush. Lizz is also featuring other bloggers for guest posts on the website to share their own tips and advice, and I was so grateful to be her first blog feature!

Find out more and keep up to date with The Ethical Box here: https://theethicalbox.com/

‘In the Spotlight’ is a new blog series I am going to be doing once a month, where I am showcasing (and showing off!) my favourite vegan lifestyle bloggers and brands. As a blogger myself, I feel that sharing and supporting other writers is really important, and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Emma x

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