My chosen blogger to put In The Spotlight this month is the amazing Sammy from BakeyDoesntBake! I discovered Sammy through Twitter, and have since been a huge fan of her blog and social media accounts. Not only is she one of the loveliest bloggers I have met online, Sammy inspires me with her passion and love for food, and it’s so exciting to read about new explorations and food finds.


Bakeydoesntbake – My Favourite Post:

Back in January, we saw the launch of the tasty vegan Wicked Kitchen ready meals. When they came out, many bloggers (including myself) took to our blogs to review these dishes. The first one I read before I even tried the products was Sammy’s; of all the ones I have read, I honestly felt Sammy did the greatest job with her in-depth review: as she reviewed not one but five of the new dishes, and also covered all the information on the remaining ones she hadn’t reviewed. You could tell how much work Sammy had put into this post, and it was an amazing review with in-depth details and honesty!


Why you should be following her:

Unlike some vegan bloggers who tend to only blog about health foods (which is still a great thing!), Sammy never hesitates to indulge in the sweeter things in life, and I love to read her reviews on the latest vegan sweet treats she discovers. If you want to be in the know with the latest vegan food finds- Sammy is your blogger to follow. Her reviews are honest, in-depth, and make for an enjoyable read. However, Sammy doesn’t just stop at food, she covers vegan beauty, advice, tips, recipes and more!


Look out for:


Look out for Sammy’s Instagram and Blog posts for her recent vegan finds! Sammy is always posting new vegan food and treats she finds whilst out and about, and they are so helpful and help you discover new products!

‘In the Spotlight’ is a blog series I do once a month, where I showcase (and show off!) my favourite vegan lifestyle bloggers. As a blogger myself, I feel that sharing and supporting other writers is really important, and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Emma x





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