On Sunday, I went to my first ever vegan fair! It was held in Sutton Coldfield Town Hall and was Sutton’s first ever vegan fair. Supplying over 40 stalls, the event was public, free to enter, and was hosted by West Midlands Vegan Festival and Midlands Vegan Campaigns. I met so many amazing vegan brands, some of which I had never heard of till now!



Straight through the door, I noticed some vegan and cruelty-free beauty products from the sellers IT’s Cruelty Free. I picked up some beauty goodies, including a PHB Brightening Serum and treated myself to a luxurious feeling eco-friendly bamboo face cloth- I can’t wait to add these into my daily routine! The sellers were really friendly, allowing me to open up products to test them out, and told me all about the natural, cruelty-free ingredients inside.


The event was split into two conjoining halls- one with most of the beauty and vegan treats, and the other full of hot food sellers, including curries, pizza, and fresh juices.

I’m a huge handmade jewellery fan (and I am crystal obsessed!) so it was great to see some jewellery on sale at the event. I picked up a beautiful Amazonite ring from Agharta Jewellery, which is handmade and ethically sourced.


The entire hall was filled with sweets, food, cakes, and hot food for you to enjoy. I couldn’t resist grabbing a slice of Battenburg from The Vegan Cakery (and I can confirm it was delicious!).

From Indian food to Chinese, visitors could grab a hot bite to eat with a large selection of foods to offer. It all smelt so tempting! Unfortunately, I had a Sunday Dinner waiting for me at home, but I would have loved to have tried some of the Vegan Satay!


Look at all that cheese! This stall from Raw Food Rosie’s contained a wide selection of handmade cashew nut cheeses, ranging from ‘Vampire Slayer’ garlic) to a collection of flavoured vegan brie cheeses. These were really popular and everyone couldn’t resist having a taste! I picked up a couple of flavours (smoked chipotle, and the sundried tomato and herb) as I just couldn’t leave the event with some vegan cheese in my bag. It honestly is incomparable to the types you find in supermarkets- super high quality all round from all the cheese sellers and the most tastiest vegan cheese I’ve tried!


Now, this stall really caught my eye- look at all those vegan treats! They had a huge range of vegan chocolates, from Moo Free to Vego as well as some vegan ‘snickers’ and ‘mars’ bars. I was in vegan chocolate heaven! It’s great to have such a wide selection at events like this, as it’s very difficult, almost impossible, to buy these bars from local stores.


Did I mention I love (vegan) cheese? I spotted another cashew nut cheese company, The Naturally Vegan Food Company, and again I just had to try all of their flavours! So creamy, delicious, and I am so happy to have discovered two new amazing vegan cheese companies. The seller was so helpful and even gave me some recipe ideas on how to use the cheese.


There was a perfect combination of vegan food and beauty (as well as clothing, jewellery and more). This stall from Organik Orangutan really caught my attention with their palm-oil free soaps. The soaps looked and smelt absolutely delicious, and the seller was ever so kind. 10% of the sales of their products go to Orangutan Appeal UK which is amazing! I bagged two little soaps for myself, and would highly recommend this company for all you your ethical soap needs.



I’m a huge snacker- so these lovely handmade granola/flapjack bars from amazing baker and caterer from Mosely, Venitin Foods were perfect for filling the gap! They tasted delicious- far better than any shop bought granola bar I have tried.



The last stall I ventured to was Butterbelle. Handmade with love, these nut butters came in a fantastic range of flavours to choose from. From Chia Spiced butter to Hazelnut Chocolate, these butters tasted really high quality and full of flavour.

Loving the eco-friendly glass jars! If you’re after some flavoursome, homemade vegan nut butters, check out their amazing range of flavours.


The day was a huge success. You could really tell how hard each seller and contributor was working, and I think they pulled off an absolutely amazing day! It’s great that Sutton Coldfield held the event as their first ever vegan fair, and the turnout was great- by 12 o’clock the place was brimming and stalls were selling out of their products! It’s amazing to see how many people come to events such as these and just goes to show the growth in veganism. The choice of products was amazing- from food, clothing, books, jewellery and more- with such a wide selection of products it’s no wonder the atmosphere in the halls was fantastic. Fingers crossed Sutton Coldfield will see more of these events!

My haul from the event! Check out those goodies!

Did you go to Sutton Coldfield’s Vegan Fair?

Emma x

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