Praise the vegan gods- I have found a vegan cheese which actually tastes like cheese. I’ve searched high and low for a good cheese substitute- but I’ve never been too keen on vegan cheese as most of it tastes like rubber, and smells a bit iffy. BUT, at the vegan fair I recently went to, I came across this life changer!


They’re called The Naturally Vegan Food Company, and they sell a wide range of handmade vegan cheeses- from cheese balls, cheese spreads and cooking cheese- these guys are the masters. They are vegan, organic, super high-quality and made to order. I’m going to be talking about their Creamy Cashew Cheese Spread, as this is the one I bought from the fair. I did try their other flavours whilst I was there, which were all mind-blowingly delicious, but as I’d already grabbed two other kinds of cheese from another stall, I tried to be good and just bought their one flavour…


Straight away as you open the tub, you can smell the deliciousness. This spread is made from ethically sourced cashew nuts and has an amazingly smooth texture. The smell coming from the spread is cheesy with a slight hint of garlic- the perfect combination in my opinion.



The product is really versatile- I had it slathered onto some vegan crackers, but the seller also told me that it’s great to add into cooking sauces, and tastes delicious on a jacket potato. I’d love to create a cheesy pasta dish using this sauce! It would go so well with some pasta and veggies.


I honestly can’t get over how amazing this vegan cheese tastes- and I had to force myself to put the tub back into the refrigerator in case I devoured the whole lot. That’s the thing with this cheese, it’s not sickly at all. It’s ever so moreish and you could easily finish a tub in one sitting surrounded by your friends and crackers (or by yourself which is totally acceptable). I am amazed at how they mastered getting the perfect cheese flavour, which pairs perfectly with the hint of garlic. I’d even recommend this product to non-vegans, as a healthier alternative to cheese. I bet you- they won’t even be able to tell the difference!


Have you tried The Naturally Vegan Food Company products before?

Emma x

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