Founded in 2016, Planet Protein Inc. is a vegan nutrition company created by Brendan Fitzgerald. Brendan’s story is a lot like mine- turning vegan virtually overnight after watching Cowspiracy and Vegucated (exactly the same as me!). His goal was to create a product that’s not only full of nutrients but flavorsome, sustainably sourced and overall ‘clean’.


When I think of protein bars, I usually think unhealthy, full of sugar, and full of additives. However, Planet Protein has totally changed my perspective! They were kind enough to send me some products to try- their Peanut Butter Cup protein bar and their Cherry Almond Fudge bar.

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Bar


This vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free bar is packed full of protein (20g to be precise) and consists of natural ingredients such as peanut butter, pea protein, organic dates, and peanuts. Overall the ingredients have no strange additives in sight- which really was a surprise to see! When I used to go to the gym a lot, I’d usually buy whatever was on offer and then would be shocked to see what was actually in the bars.


So, the ingredients are up to standard, how about the flavour?


The taste and texture of this bar is absolutely gorgeous. The bar is thick and fudgy, with small crispier parts inside to give some added crunch. The combination goes so well, and it really was a delight to eat. In terms of flavour, this bar is absolutely gorgeous (I even had to email them after my first bite just to tell them how good it tastes!). If you’re into anything nutty, you will LOVE this bar. Plus, the dark chocolate chips ease your cravings for something sweet. Overall I really loved this bar and I’d highly recommend everyone to try it!

Cherry Almond Fudge Bar


This bar has a very similar texture to the Peanut Butter cup bar, but with a bit of extra sweetness. I love the subtle cherry flavour which comes through without tasting synthetic at all. The added crunch in the bar gives it a wonderful texture, and I love how fudgy the bar tasted. You wouldn’t know this was a protein bar! I would say I liked both flavours equally- but the Peanut Butter Cup bar just slightly edges it a bit for me as I’m obsessed with nut butter.


In conclusion, I really feel as though Planet Protein is a great growing nutrition company- filling a gap in the market for healthy, natural, organic protein bars. I was really impressed by the two flavours I got to try, and I’d definitely have them again and recommend them to others. If you’re into working out, exercising, or simply want to try this healthy, delicious protein bar, Planet Protein is the way to go.

Emma x

Click here to visit their store and try some products out for yourself!

(I was kindly sent these bars to try, and my review is 100% my honest thoughts and opinions)


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