If you didn’t know, I am pretty obsessed with pizza. So, when a new vegan pizza is launched in the supermarkets I get a tad over-excited (and I’m sure most of you do too) and rush out as soon as I can to my nearest Tesco to grab one. I say Tesco as that’s my go-to place for finding the newest vegan brands (they’re pretty stocked full of them at the moment).

Safe to say, I’m one of those people who will fall for the hype of a new vegan product. I’m pretty sure at least once a month, a shiny new vegan product hits the supermarket shelves and all of us bloggers rush off to be the first to try it. Whether it was the new Oumph! range, Iceland’s No Bull burgers, or the Vivera vegan fake ‘meats’- we’ve all been there, tried it, and taken the pictures. I’m pretty sure most of you can all agree also that a lot of these products are very expensive- I mean, £3-£4 for a pizza? I forget sometimes when I compare these to the £1 non-vegan pizzas from Aldi, that of course vegan speciality pizzas and the like are expected to be a little more expensive because whether we like it or not we are a smaller market, and most vegan-only brands are smaller companies. Still, if I’m paying £3-£4 for a pizza, it better be worth it!

I’ve tried a lot of vegan oven pizzas before such as the Wicked Kitchen pizzas, and Tesco’s Free From. I could never find one which was perfect for me – I either didn’t like the cheese, thought they were overpriced or thought that I could just recreate them myself. So, although I get excited when a new pizza comes on the scene, I’m also worried I won’t like it.

UNTIL NOW! (I apologise in advance for the rubbish photos – I was more bothered about trying the pizzas!)

I recently bought into the hype and purchased the Oumph! Italian Style pizza. I love Oumph! as a brand, and buy their frozen products very regularly- they’ve become a staple in my freezer at home, as not only do their foods taste amazing, I think they’re pretty reasonably priced too.


I love an Italian style pizza- the flavours and crispy base are right up my street. This pizza contains tomato sauce, strips of soya protein, semi-dried tomatoes, and is topped with Violife cheese. Now, I’m really picky when it comes to vegan cheese, I only really enjoy cashew nut cheeses- but, as they’re not the easiest (or cheapest) to come by, I do settle for the Violife slices every now and again. At £3.99, I was hoping this pizza was worth it!


The pizza cooked really well in the oven and the crust went perfectly crisp- I also liked how it wasn’t as thin as normal Italian pizzas are. Luckily it also has plenty of toppings also – the soya protein pieces taste pretty much the same as their ‘The Chunk’ pieces- so kind of like a chicken alternative in my opinion. After the first bite, I was OBSESSED. The flavours on this pizza are so perfectly put together, and it really tastes like something you’d have at a restaurant. I really liked the ‘cheese’ also- there wasn’t too much of it, just enough to give it a yummy cheesy flavour. I’m sorry Zizzi- but Oumph! have outdone you this time! I absolutely loved the sundried tomatoes and rocket- they gave such flavour to the pizza without it being too bulky or stodgy. Overall, I’d rate this pizza a solid 10/10, and I will definitely be purchasing it again.


A few weeks later I heard about Tesco’s new Kirsty’s Free From Margherita Pizza (£3.50)- for some reason, I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone post about this before?! If you have, I must have missed it. Usually, social media is covered in posts about a new product when it comes out, but this one seemed to have slipped the hype! (Either that or I’ve just been living under a rock). My boyfriends’ mom actually found a voucher for this pizza in the Tesco magazine and gave it to me- I just had to try it as soon as I read the word ‘vegan’.

After some Googling, I was pleased to discover that ‘Kirsty’ is an actual person! She’s a mom from Lancashire who founded a range of vegan ready meals, after being inspired to make her own dishes when she found out her son couldn’t have nuts, dairy or gluten. How fab of Tesco to support an independent vegan business?!


The pizza is a margherita style- so, tomato base and dairy-free cheese. The picture on the front really enticed me in as the cheese on the pizza seemed to have melted SO perfectly- something you rarely find with a vegan pizza! The only thing I was sceptical about is the fact it’s gluten-free. I’m not gluten intolerant personally, but I have tried some gluten-free pizza bases before and didn’t like them at all.


After cooking in the oven, the cheese really did melt to absolute perfection. I loved how it was so evenly spread out, and again, it looked like something you’d find in a restaurant. I love my toppings, so I added some aubergine, mushrooms, Iceland ‘Chicken style’ Strips, and sweetcorn.

Time to tuck in!

The base is actually super nice. The crust around the edges goes so nicely crisp, and the base isn’t too thin or too thick- it reminded me a little bit of the base at Zizzi but slightly thicker. You definitely wouldn’t know it’s gluten-free that’s for sure. The tomato sauce is absolutely gorgeous and tastes really fresh and full of flavour. Now, the ‘cheese’- OMG! Hands-down one of the BEST vegan cheeses I’ve tried on a pizza before. It’s so soft and creamy without being sickly or sticky in your mouth. It’s quite mild, but I like how it doesn’t taste super artificially cheesy. It’s perfect! Again, a solid 10/10 for this pizza too- I highly recommend you go out and buy one before I grab them all!

I hope you liked my pizza reviews! Let me know if you have tried either of these too,

Emma x



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