Today, the largest bakery chain in the UK launched a product which has taken social media by storm- a vegan sausage roll. Who would have thought a sausage roll would cause such a stir, and we’d see ‘#greggsvegansausageroll’ trending on Twitter?

To vegans, and myself, this is such a huge deal. It’s not just about the sausage roll- it shows how big of an impact veganism is making to the UK food industry. A small step such as releasing a vegan variation of one the nations best-loved grab-n-go products is an amazing way to make vegans feel more included- and the perfect way to make meat-eaters question their food choices.


I hadn’t actually stepped foot in a Greggs since becoming vegan- I just assumed what’s the point? They’ve never catered to vegans (very well), and many other places have more options. Ever since I was a little girl, Greggs had always been the number one pit-stop for my dad and me when we were enjoying a day out- I used to love grabbing a sausage roll after we’d been shopping. Then, I went vegan and my love for Greggs soon diminished.

Until this morning. My friend and I had been talking about the sausage roll last night (as you do), and like the food-obsessed people we are, we headed down to our local Greggs this morning at 11am to finally taste one.

“Sold out”- yes really, they had actually sold out already! But, luckily the staff member told us another batch would be out in 10 minutes. So, we waited for a little and then happily left with 4 of the new vegan sausage rolls- I was surprised at how big (well, long) they are- and for £1 each it’s a steal!

We both dug into our freshly baked vegan sausage rolls – and were blown away. They literally took me back to my pre-vegan days, as a kid, eating a sausage roll with my dad. The flavour was so reminiscent of the sausage rolls I used to enjoy before I went vegan, so safe to say I was sold right away. To me, the texture was exactly how I remembered,  just way less greasy, less salty (and tastier).


The pastry was also delicious- flaky yet it didn’t seem to fall apart and make a mess as much as I remember the meat version used to, which makes me think they’ve probably changed the recipe for the pastry? Don’t take my word on that though, could be my memory failing me! Either way, it tasted absolutely delicious.

I saved my second one for later on but arrived home to see my mom’s friend and her daughter were at our house. So, obviously, I had to get everyone to taste test it! Bear in mind, none of them are vegetarian or vegan (or want to be). They all tucked in and were surprised at how much they enjoyed it- even saying it tasted just like sausage, less greasy, and that they ‘would have it again’.


So, there you have it. I personally think bringing this sausage roll out during Veganuary is an amazing marketing choice Greggs have made because not only vegans and veggies can enjoy this new treat, meat eaters love it too (well, the ones who will actually go and try it instead of sitting behind their computer screens raging about it).

Even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian, why not give it a go? I mean, for a starts it has 12g of protein compared to the meat version which has less at 9.4g (and people always ask us where we get our protein from?!). Hopefully, in the near future, Greggs will start adding more to their menu – I’d love to see some vegan doughnuts or a vegan ‘steak’ bake next! I really enjoyed my vegan sausage roll and would definitely give it a 10/10.

Thank you, Greggs.

Have you tried the new vegan sausage roll from Greggs?

Emma x






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