It’s been exactly one year since I ditched chemical-laden, plastic covered sanitary pads!

One year ago I wrote a blog post about why I was making changes to my period products. Read all about it here if you haven’t already to get some context-  *

My short-term verdict at the time was that I found the vegan and cruelty-free pads “comfortable” and that I really felt a difference in terms of irritation “I would experience some slight irritation with past products- I assumed it was just me…”. One year on, I’m happy to say that I feel the exact same way about their products. I honestly can’t express how much more comfortable they feel, and I’ve never been irritated by using TOTM pads. As mentioned, at the time I thought there was something wrong with me- why did I always feel irritated during my period?! I haven’t felt that way in a year now, and I’m never turning back!

I’ve also read a lot online about how natural period products can actually reduce period cramps, due to the lack of chemicals and so on. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but I have definitely felt a lack of period pains since switching to natural products. I now rarely ever get period cramps, and if I do they tend to be very mild and last a couple of minutes- heaven!

One thing I’ve also noticed is that a lot of people don’t actually know brands like TOTM exist- I’ll ask friends what they use, and 9/10 times they’ll mention a commonly known brand, to which I then feel I have to tell them all about why it’s bad for their body! People are shocked when I tell them what I know, and I’m glad people will take notice and listen.

Not only are TOTM products fab for being natural- but they’re also extremely environmentally friendly. How many of you have ditched the plastic shopping bags and plastic straws? Well, are you still using big brand period pads? I have bad news for you – most of them are not eco-friendly at all and aren’t biodegradable. TOTM helps the environment by making all of their products from sustainable sources and they’re all biodegradable! Making the switch made me feel a lot better about my purchase- every month I have a plan set up just for me which sends me how many pads I need, and on the perfect time just before my period begins. I love receiving the products each month, as they come in biodegradable packaging so it really makes me feel like I’m helping the environment.

TOTM also released their own menstrual cups– which are such a good option if you’re trying to reduce your waste! I’m yet to try one myself, but if you’re into the idea, their cups are free from BPA, latex, and phthalates and come in three sizes.

The subscription plan through TOTM is amazing, hands-down. You can choose which products you want to receive through your door, when you want them, how often and you can even pause your delivery if you are perhaps pregnant, have too many pads, or simply just want to save money that month. This has been so beneficial for me, as I find my periods are very light and I seem to have acquired a lot of pads- so, I simply pause my subscription and restart it again when I need to! Yes, they’re more expensive than some bigger brands- but personally, I’d rather pay the extra to be kinder to my body and to the environment. If perhaps you just want a one-off order, you can purchase that also on their website or even pop into Tesco! It’s so worth it!

Want to try the TOTM subscription? Click here!** 

For more information on the products used:


*I was gifted the first set of products to try, now I pay each month. All reviews and thoughts are 100% my own and honest.
** Affiliate link

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